Patricia Noel Drain helps clients discover and share their "core-message." She assists with guiding them to produce a profitable portfolio of products, presentations and programs.  

Patricia's systems, encourage business owners to generate the income they deserve, with information they ALREADY know.  She provides the tools and support necessary for her clients to live the lifestyle they choose.

Patricia is an award-winning business owner, public speaker and one of the most respected business coaches in the country.  Her products have elevated her clients game to the next level.

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Discover your CORE with Patricia Noel Drain

Within Patricia’s program, you will begin to understand who you are, discover what your passion is and uncover your “inner core” to unlock your full potential and live the life you are meant to live.

Don’t let the fruits of your life shrivel and waste away without knowing your full potential. Take a bite and discover what lies within… discover your true passion!

Patricia's Online Course

Online Course

Make money with the information you already know!  This course provides a step by step process to monetize your message.

Patricia's Mastermind Community

Mastermind Community

A group of empowered entrepreneurs that want to share how to grow a business.

Patricia's Speak to Tell...

Speak to tell, Then Proudly Sell

Speakers are great with content and delivery... but when it comes to selling their product or service, they need help..

Arizona Women Business Owners

Scottsdale, AZ LIVE event, this November, 2019

Patricia's Certified Facilitators

Certified Facilitators Academy

Year long academy teaching the art of people in discovering and monetizing a person's gift.

International Women Business Owners

A community of world leaders in business. Leaders that want to help each other through referrals and resources. 


Idaho Women Business Owners

Patricia Noel Drain


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This is Patricia's elite program where Patricia works one on one with individuals helping them go from where they are to where they want to be. 

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